Lambda Research Optics Korea is a leading optical manufacturer of custom and precision optical components in Korea.
Found in 1999, Lambda Research Optics Korea has taken a personal approach to serving each customer, revolutionizing how optic companies conduct business today.

With the latest optical technology and a highly-trained engineers, Lambda Research Optics Korea adds a customer service element that far surpasses its competitors; all while producing top quality optical components with customized optical coating across a wide range of industries.

Lambda Research Optics Korea specializes in prototype optics and high volume optics production, excelling in quality and lead times. We derive all of our substrates with mutual cooperation among US headquarters and subsidiaries in Korea and China. For customers with highly customized optic lens requests, we are also able to obtain uncommon materials to fill your order in a timely manner.

Our dedication is the driving force behind our entire product line and we welcome the opportunity to serve all your optical needs.
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